Sway Bar

HARDRACE sway bar is a part of an automobile suspension that helps reduce the body roll of a vehicle during fast cornering or over road irregularities.

HARDRACE sway bar made with hardness alloy steel and high quality.

Faster and Safer Cornering

Hardrace sway bars are designed to keep balance of a vehicle, improve handling, maintain traction in any performance-driving situation and upgrade your suspension system. Hardrace manufacture the sway bar with the highest technology and CNC machines. We work diligently to ensure the design, material, and the production procedure to make stiffer, resilient, and durable Sway Bar more than stock bars. To cooperate with Hardrace stabilizer bushings and stabilizer links gives you more joy of control.

Reduce Body Roll

- Hi-Tensile CR-MO Seamless Steel Alloy
- Centering Rings which prevent Sway Bar movement during cornering
- Precision CNC Cold- Formed, Tempered and Shot-Peened to increase durability
- Hardrace Lightweight hollow tube decrease the feedback response time
- Correcting understeer or oversteer situation and perfectly balanced
- Reduce body roll and increase stability while driving in curves
- Thicker Sway Bar increase the torsional resistance
- Adjustable Sway Bar gives you the ability to fine-tune handing