Reinforced Bushings

Maximize handling & solid road feel

Suspension bushings are some of the most highly stressed components of a vehicle. They provide movement and work as the joints between the frame and arms, struts and shock absorbers. Therefore, suspension bushings are able to affect the driving stability, ride quality, grip of traction, efficiency of the brakes and lifetime of tires. Once these bushings are worn, the vehicle will undergo an unpredictable and unsafe situation.

Harden Rubber or Pillow Ball Bushings?

Harden Rubber Bushings

  • HARDRACE exclusive rubber achieves a balance of hardness and flexibility
  • Enhances the durability of bushings
  • High strength and anti-crack material extends the lifetime of rubber bushings significantly
  • Viscosity between rubber and metal is about 2000kgs

Pillow Ball Bushings

  • 10 years of experience on racing track
  • Handling control and responsive steering is superior to harden rubber bushings
  • Soundless, high durability and reliability
  • Outer bushing is combined with anti-dust boot which extends the life of the bushing

Body Reinforced Bushings

Body reinforced bushing can eliminate vehicle vibration, axle tramp and strengthen body/chassis stability, it’s available to fit OE mounts and helps in removing the unwanted movement of the rear crossmember

Swaybar Bushings

Hardrace stabilizer bushings increase the hardness over stock one; the benefit is to fasten the feedback time. Hardrace features that our stabilizer bushings can release grease itself. That's also the reason why Hardrace stabilizer link have longer life. It doesn't trouble you to add grease while hearing the uncomfortable noise.