Why Hardrace?

Since 1998, Hardrace is specialized in designing, manufacturing and marketing reinforced chassis parts for racing and street cars.

Hardrace makes proven quality products

Quality, reliability and stability of the reinforced parts are the priority of Hardrace. Because all products are installed under the car, it carries its weight and strength. So weak suspension parts can lead to loss of control, and a disaster can happen. To prevent this, quality is key to guarantee safety. All products are examined with a Rotorless Rheometer and Tensile Strength Tester to ensure quality and stability.

Tested by professional drivers

Speed and strength alone do not form a fast lap time. A combination of a well-tuned, balanced car with 100% accuracy when cornering, always gives better lap times.
Professional drivers test all Hardrace products at the track under extreme condition. According to their feedback, Hardrace responsed to their demand and make necessary modification immediately until it is 100% safe and provide outstanding performance!

Improvements without affecting the original chassis specifications

Hardrace ensures that the products will improve and reinforce the chassis of the vehicle without affecting the original chassis specifications.
Through 3D technology, the angle, dimension, shape and operation of new products are simulated to improve the design accurately.

In short...

High Quality Standards

Wide product range for many applications

Over 20 years’ experience

Experienced customer service

Continuous development of new products