Roll Center Ball Joint

The roll center adjuster kit enables the vehicle to be lowered without detriment to the suspension system.

Product Info

As soon as the height of a vehicle is dropped, the balance of suspension geometry is collapsed. The deviation of roll center will increase the amount of roll, even though the center of mass is dropped. The change of suspension geometry will lead to deterioration of mechanical grip, and also increase the burden on suspension components. By installing Hardrace roll center adjuster, the lengthened ball stud is able to correct the geometry of suspension, putting the control arms back closer to inherent position resulting in optimized steering response and stability of handling Additionally, the durability of suspension components will be increased due to corrected suspension geometry.


- Decreases body roll
- Improves tire contact patch with the road
- Increases steering wheel responsiveness
- Enables increased cornering force

Thus, the Hardrace roll center adjuster is a must-have upgrade for any serious driver.